DJ MAG – California officials reject Bill to extend opening times to 4AM

DJ MAG by Andrew Rafter
September 4, 2017

Plans to extend California’s licensing rules so alcohol can be served until 4 am have been scuppered by state officials.

The current limit in California means drinks can only be served until 2 am despite many establishments staying open past the cutoff point.

The proposed bill failed to get the necessary support before being sent to the governor for final approval because opponents argued it would create an increase in drink driving and other alcohol-related incidents.

California Senator Scott Weiner, who was behind the proposed bill, took to twitter to vent his disappointment at the decision.

“It’s embarrassing that California shuts down its nightlife so early,” he said. “We’re not going to give up. Nightlife matters to our economy and culture and California’s one-size-fits-all approach to closing time needs to be reformed.”

Lawmakers have ultimately decided to create a task force to study the implications of an extended alcohol license in the state, with Weiner vowing not to give up on the bill.

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