MIXMAG – A guide to know when to leave the Afterparty

MIXMAG by Patrick Hinton February 13, 2017 “No thanks,” you say, politely turning down the double strength onion cider a friend has procured for pennies from a dodgy corner shop down the street that only sells out-of-date booze, “I’ll stick to Kronenbourg.” That’s at the start of the afterparty, when you’ve not long left theContinue Reading

6AM – What is the “Underground” Really?

6AM by Marco Sgalbazzini June 15, 2017 What is the “Underground” Really? We often see promoters, music fans, blogs, news outlets and artists use the word “underground” in the context of electronic music, yet the meaning of the word can vary depending on the context used. More often than not, the connotation attached to theContinue Reading

6AM – What you can do to keep the Underground alive

6AM Group by Marco Sgalbazzini April 7, 2017 As the underground techno and house scene in the United States continues to grow, it’s vitally important that every single person involved understands proper etiquette and rules of conduct when attending such events. By definition alone, the moment the “underground” isn’t underground anymore it ceases to exist,Continue Reading