DJ MAG – Halcyon enters Top 100 Clubs at #87

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA Capacity: 400 Website: Don’t let Halcyon’s small size fool you: This one-room outpost roars louder than most mega-clubs around. Opened in 2016, the venue boasts the perfect formula for late-night revelry: a powerful Pioneer XY soundsystem, advanced lighting and a 24-hour license. The team behind Halcyon goes the extraContinue Reading

MIXMAG – A guide to know when to leave the Afterparty

MIXMAG by Patrick Hinton February 13, 2017 “No thanks,” you say, politely turning down the double strength onion cider a friend has procured for pennies from a dodgy corner shop down the street that only sells out-of-date booze, “I’ll stick to Kronenbourg.” That’s at the start of the afterparty, when you’ve not long left theContinue Reading