5/3 – SPACE 92 at Halcyon

SPACE 92 the trailblazing French TECHNO producer takes us on a journey to the stratosphere!TIX- https://tinyurl.com/2tapsbaz Music by:Space 92Dean SamarasLysnn Up Halcyon 21+314 11th St, SF


MARCH 16-17th – THE SHOW – J.LEI, DEAN SAMARASSaturday/Sunday AM – 1AM – 6AM or close (ignore event start time) Music by:J.LEIDEAN SAMARAS (Sense SF) Endup401 6th Street, SF21+

2/10 – Third Culture at Halcyon

Saturday February 10th – Third Culture (Sacha Robotti & Sian)TIX- https://link.dice.fm/td736ccdd67c Support from Sense Resident Dean Samaras Halcyon 21+314 11th Street, SF

12/2 – Oscar L at Halcyon

OSCAR L the Spaniard TECHNO + TECH HOUSE star is coming in hot with a fire DRUMCODE release just hitting the charts!TIX- https://link.dice.fm/o52858f82200 Music by:OSCAR LDEAN SAMARAS – BDAY2HOTTIE 314 11TH ST HALCYONSF 21+